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Woman slaps husband repeatedly as she finds out he still cheated after she forgave him for impregnating another lady

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A Nigerian Twitter user has narrated the drama exchange he witnessed between a woman and her adulterous husband.

He revealed that the man cheated on his wife again despite how she forgave him for impregnating another woman. On discovering that he is still being unfaithful, the wife confronted him and gave him three hot slaps.

The narrator known as Ayokunle said he had to intervene and stop the husband from retaliating when his wife slapped him

He wrote; ”This woman gave her husband three dirty slaps yesterday night. i had to hold the husband from retaliating. apparently, he got another woman pregnant which the wife already forgave him for. but now again, she caught him cheating with another woman.

Is the slap justified?”


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@dawn2252000; Is not compulsory to have a Christian wedding, if you cannot owe your faith with your full chest don’t pretend to be one. Just go for traditional wedding so the woman knows what she is getting into.

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@Drmuzoic; Violence should never be justified no matter the reason. If the kitchen is too hot, leave. Imagine, if she slapped him and the guy slumped? And will the slap stop him from carrying another woman tomorrow?

@Divycuteness; There will be no need for slaps since he will be paying heavily for divorce settlements. You were forgiven the 1st time, but the 2nd time? Man you are paying through your nose abeg.

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@Creammychick; Women dey tolerate sha. Because once I smell nonsense, man I’m done.

@_iRoyalty_; It’s not justified. If she’s not okay, she should leave him alone. She’s been a toxic person and that’s the reason the man had to find solace elsewhere.

@1Eminence; Guy, for not adding three solid slaps to the woman’s own, you sef suppose chop slap in the same accord.

@_toluwaaa; We’ll talk about that in divorce settlement


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