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He stole from my bag and gave me the money as transport fare – Lady narrates

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A South African lady, Buya Madikizela, has opened up on how she broke up with her man for stealing from her and giving her back the money as though it were his own.

She shared her experience while responding to a tweet that said; ”Ladies, when did you realise “hmmmm nah he gotta go”.

According to Buya, she realised that he had been stealing from her, so she devised a way to prove it beyond reasonable doubt.

So the young lady marked 20 Rand note with it and as expected, he lifted the money. However, the most shocking and interesting thing happened later, which was that he gave her that same money as transport fare back to campus.


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She wrote; ”Realised he was stealing money from me so I marked a R20 note with ink and left it in my bag, he gave it to me the next day to catch a taxi to campus.”

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He acted like a gent paying for most things kanti I’m low-key contributing yherr!😠”

@honey_c17 commented; At least he gave it back to you

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She replied; ”That one time cause I needed proof💔”

Another tweep @Drmuzoic wrote; What a caring guy he didn’t want you trekking to campus

Buya said; ”I asked cause my money was missing”


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