Rich man drags wife to court for cheating with their driver and ‘enjoying it’

A Nigerian man has reportedly divorced his wife over her infidelity and the fact that she enjoyed it.

The woman was said to be having an affair with their driver, and her husband found it out about it.

When he confronted her, she defended herself to him by saying that it is because the driver satisfies her in bed. While the case was being heard in court, the man was explaining his reason for wanting the divorce and his wife started shaking her head.

In reaction, he mentioned in court that she opened up to him about how she enjoyed being with the driver.

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A Twitter user @TosinDean shared the story on the microblogging platform as recounted to her by a lawyer familiar with the case


”As told to me by my lawyer friend: Older man divorcing wife for infidelity with driver.


Older man testifying. Lawyer asks why he’s divorcing. He says why. Wife starts shaking her head.


Baba lost it and started shouting “O so be. O so be. Tunde do mi dada. O so be” loosely translated to (You said so. You said so. Tunde mekwed you well well. You said so)”



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