I never attended Bible school, the media ordained me as Pastor – Actor, Majid Michel

Majid Michel, a movie star from Ghana, has clarified why many people refer to him as a “Man of God.”


The actor claimed during a Hitz FM interview that after starting to give presentations at various gatherings, churches, and conferences to spread the knowledge he had discovered about Christianity, the media began referring to him as a “Pastor.”

Majid said;



“As I got older and learned the Bible for myself, I made the decision to teach it. In an effort to spread what I had learned, the media observed me speaking about these topics at various churches, conferences, and gatherings. It was the media that reported that I was a pastor despite never having attended a Bible school. I’ve never been anointed as a pastor.

“I chose to teach it once I grew up and discovered it for myself. In an effort to spread what I had learned, I spoke about these topics at a number of churches, conferences, and gatherings. The media reported that I was a pastor even though I had never attended a Bible school. I have never had a pastorate.

“It would be dishonest of me to minimize the gift of prophecy that God has given me. I have faith in the one true God, creator of heaven and earth. I have no doubt in my mind that Yesua was sent by God to save his people.”



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