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Lady gets emotional, reportedly pays for all empty seats after boarding vehicle driven by viral driver with no legs

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A Nigerian lady has claimed that she paid for all empty seats in a vehicle she boarded after realising the taxi driver is an amputee – who had previously gone viral.

Recall that fastrumours reported days ago that a passenger who boarded a vehicle witnessed an interesting sight that amazed him and he felt the need to share on the internet.

He entered the taxi without knowing that the driver is an amputee, but when he realised this, he immediately started filming the man driving.

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Now, a lady has said that she entered the same car and was moved to emotions that she decided to pay for the seats which were empty.


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”The moment I noticed my taxi driver does not have legs at all.. I burst into tears and paid for all the empty seats,” she said.

The bus driver was able to drive with the aid of an iron bar which was connected to the accelerator and brake. He could be seen pressing the iron bar down from time to time, in order to control the vehicle’s movement.

See video of the man driving;



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