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Ordinary 10k you no fit give – Nigerian lady blasts male friend for not giving her money [Audio-visual]

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A Nigerian man has revealed how a female friend billed him and got angry because he could not give her the money she asked him for.

The man identified on Twitter as @MOB_YAYO shared an audio-visual recording of the voice note she sent to him where she lambasted him for not being able to credit her with ‘ordinary 10k’.

He was replying to a Twitter user who asked; ”What’s the most random way a babe has billed you before? Like a complete unprovoked billing. This is a safe space.”

She had apparently asked him for 10k but he told her that he was unable to help at the moment, and it infuriated her to the point she started fuming.

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In the WhatsApp voice note, she also referenced how he has no problem giving women as much as 7k for transport whereas he could not give her the one she requested for.


She also noted that the fact he has given her 10k for her hair before is not enough reason for him to decline giving her the one she’s asking for.

Listen to the audio;



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