Uduah Frank Akpan, killer of late job seeker, Inubong Umoreh, sentenced to death by hanging

Uduah Frank Akpan, killer of late job seeker, Iniubong Umoreh, has been sentenced to death by hanging.

In a live video made by BBC of Facebook in the high court in Uyo, the elder brother of late Iniubong Umoreh revealed that his family is happy with the court judgement.



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He added that he had no idea that a family like his without connection could get justice that fast.

Their lawyer however stated that despite the justice being served, it is tragic that it cannot bring the deceased back to life.

He also revealed that all through the hearing, the accused, Uduak Frank Akpan never showed any kind of remorse.


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When the accused’s lawyer asked if the case would be appealed, he replied that it is not his decision to make.


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