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My friend made me pose as prophetess to convince her ex-boyfriend they’re destined for each other – Lady recounts

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A young South African lady has taken to social media to recount how she posed as a clergywoman to steer her friend’s relationship in the direction she wanted.

She revealed that her friend made her pretend to be a prophetess and reach out to her former boyfriend on her behalf.

Mikayla said that she called the guy on phone with the intention of convincing him that he and her friend are meant to be together.

She wrote; ”I remember how my friend made me call her ex boyfriend and pretended to be a prophetess, told him how they belong together”

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In reaction, a Twitter user @ThembaniTn asked; Where is your friend now, married with kids or streets are still humbling her. By the way who fumbled between her and her ex?


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Mikayla with username @SandzMnisi replied; ”Not sure because one moment guy was planning to send his family to her family, the next thing he broke up with her. She was married but it didn’t work out, she doesn’t have kids as yet. Now says marriage is overrated and advise me against it.”

Another tweep @dima_phoshoko asked; Was he financially stable? Losing him was gonna be like a retrenchment neh?

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And Mikayla said; ”This guy had promised to marry her, we were young and still had timeliness as to when we were going to get married and and and and…”


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