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Man reportedly stands throughout six hour flight for his wife to sleep

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A Caucasian man has demonstrated an uncommon type of love by inconveniencing himself for the comfortability of his wife.

The man is reported to have stood in an airplane to enable his wife sleep on the adjoined seat meant for both of them

It was gathered that the flight lasted for six hours and he stood throughout the entire trip while watching his wife sleep.

A Twitter @ThabisoMogane_made the disclosure and praised the yet-to-be identified man in a post on the microblogging platform.

The post reads; ”This guy stood up the whole 6 hours so his wife could sleep. Now THAT is love or maybe not?”


Mixed reactions greeted the man’s chivalrous act.

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@Made_In_Waffi; I should stand for 6 haaaaaaars tori kini, when I’m not mad or my ancestors did not swear for me?😏

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@Ebonyterence; The things we do for our loved ones, are things we would ordinarily not imagine. You just find yourself doing them effortlessly.

@Oni_Omokehinde; Anything that stresses the life out of a man is love to women , name it , just name it , anything !!!!

@unclemidetush; Love isn’t making your partner uncomfortable. Love is having him sit so she lay her head on his thigh. E ja ki a ma lo opolo wa sometimes, okay?

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@chessowl0128; There’s a level of discomfort that comes with any relationship, but not that.

@mamruss; No it’s not its abuse whole 6 hrs😒😒 she couldn’t put her head on his shoulder or his lap?

@mizzzidc; It is sacrifice. She clearly has a medical condition. Because love wouldn’t let him stand for 6 hours if there was no need.


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