The Benefits Of Having S€x With Your Pregnant Woman

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When you’re pregnant, s€x might be the last thing on your mind, with your raging hormones, morning sickness, and ever-expanding waistline. Having s€x can do wonders for your health, pregnancy, and relationship.

Here are 6 reasons why having s€x during pregnancy is healthy, both physically and mentally.

1. It lowers blood pressure

Although your blood pressure may drop immediately after having s€x, it only lasts for a short period, therefore s€x isn’t always the treatment, Because high blood pressure can be dangerous to both you and your baby, it’s crucial to work with your doctor to develop a plan to prevent or control it.

2. Labor and recuperation are less difficult.

The contractions in your pelvic floor increase when you have an orga$m, which helps to build the muscles you’ll need for labor and recovery.

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“Once you’ve pushed your kid through those muscles, they’ll have an easier time building up,” said Jeanne Faulkner, a registered nurse and author of “Common Sense Pregnancy: Navigating a Healthy Pregnancy and Birth for Mother and Baby” in Portland, Oregon.

3. Stress alleviation 

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Although pregnancy is usually a joyous time, it’s natural to be concerned about job, finances, and how your life will change once your kid is here. Oxytocin, the love hormone released when you have an orga$m, can help you relax and sleep better.

4. Stronger ties 

Having frequent s€x today will assist to deepen your intimate relationship and bond with your spouse in the future, as well as build a healthy habit. Connect with your partner now while you have time because you’ll need that connection once the baby is born.

5. Fewer visits to the bathroom 

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Do you ever feel the need to go to the bathroom? When you’re pregnant, you may have frequent trips to the bathroom as well as leaking when you sneeze or laugh.

It can also get more unpleasant as your baby grows larger and rubs against your bladder. According to Tammy Nelson, PhD, author of “Getting the S€x You Want,” the same muscles you’ll be strengthening for labor might also help with urine flow.

6. Preventing Complications 

Frequent s€x may help to prevent pre-eclampsia, according to a Danish study. It’s thought to be due to a protein contained in sperm that can control the immune system of the body.

However, because the cause of preeclampsia is uncertain, it’s critical to keep all of your prenatal appointments and discuss your risk with your doctor.

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