5 Helpful Phone Hacks for Students

Reading time: 2 Minutes

Smartphones (especially android) are among the most popularly used gadgets among students nowadays. There are often concerns about picture quality, battery life and risk of damage. It is therefore important to learn how to get the best out of these devices (which are usually cost much).


In order to get better picture quality, it is advisable to cover your phone microphone with your fingers. When you do this, the ambient noise is reduced. This will concentrate the video resources the phone on pictures thereby giving clearer pictures.

How do you protect you phone from being damaged by water when you are in a muddy place? Simple! Wrap it will a nylon or plastic bag. You will still be able to use the phone while it is so wrapped.

Do you know that you can take clear pictures while holding your phone with one hand? You are probably aware that it is difficult to make a clear picture with the default shutter button with the same hand with which you hold your phone. The easy way around this is to use the volume button as shutter. By doing so, your phone will not shake while taking the pictures.

Your smartphone can also be used as a money wallet. You can use it to save small amounts of away from view. In this way, you can keep your small cash away from nosy people that want to check your wallet.

You can save data while using google map to trace directions using your phone. How? After getting the map/direction, turn off your data and take a screenshot. The map can then be accessed offline.

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