“My ex took away my happiness 3 years ago and my brother replaced it all” – Lady celebrates getting a new space for her business.

A Nigerian lady has taken to  social media to share memories of losing her possessions and to celebrate that everything was replaced.


The woman, who went by the name Bassy, posted a picture of her shop on Tiktok and explained how her ex had retrieved the previous one following their breakup.

She claimed that he confiscated her phone, burned all of her wigs, and made her the laughing stock of the community, but three years later, her brother decided to bless her and replace all she had lost.

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Sharing the post, she wrote;


“September 12 2020💔my ex boyfriend took away my happiness💔 he took back my store amd my phone 💔omo I talk waka 🥺almost a year I no fit der waka 🥺💔full udu road girls laugh me 💔he even took all my hair and burn them💔all my friends stab me for back them laugh me 🥺but GOD came through for me now 2023 my big brother made

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E me smile again😊no be everything boyfriend der do for you 😩big congratulations to me once again 😩yes I’m single but I always smile cus I no one fall for who go Collet ring from me tomorrow 💔wish me wel”




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