“I’ve never slɘpt with a man for money” – Blessing Okoro brags

Blessing Okoro, also known as Blessing CEO, a self-acclaimed  relationship expert, claims she has never had s£x with a man in exchange for money.


She argued that not all women engage in prostitution and that many make a living legally when she made this statement in a post on her Instagram account.


She urged women with legitimate sources of income to be confident in themselves and hold their heads up high rather than focusing on individuals, particularly men, who project their insecurities onto them by accusing them of having affairs with men for financial benefit.


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She wrote;

“Not every woman does RUNS…


Women are so so hardworking that men keep projecting themselves to women just to feel powerful. I brag with it, Blessingceo has never 4ck for money. Women adjust your crown forget noise makers . Runs is not for everybody ..

Just a reminder that a lot of women make legit money.”





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