Five things you can learn online for free that will fetch you millions

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These are the most profitable online businesses that will fetch you a lot of money when you engage yourself to it.

1. Coding

I get it. You’re interested in learning how to code, but you don’t have a clue where to start. Where can you find a course that will actually help you get some traction and make something cool? That’s what I wanted to know when I first started learning back in 2011, so after spending a few weeks agonizing over all of the different options out there… I decided to just make my own course that did exactly what I needed it to do.

2. SEO/Data Analytics

Google’s free course on Data Analytics will give you the skills that every marketer is looking for: the ability to analyze and get significant insights from your website. Google has created this course to give everyone, including those new to data analysis, the most practical understanding of how to effectively use data analytics. The program explores the variety of steps that go into the process of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data in order to determine whether a business or site is performing appropriately. While Google’s course caters toward professionals who work in digital marketing and e-commerce, even beginners can understand it as long as they have some prior knowledge of Excel.

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3. Social Media Manager

If you’ve always had a knack for socializing with others, then being a Social Media Manager may be the perfect side hustle for you. It’s essentially the same thing you already do on social media (posting, replying, messaging), except instead of doing it on your personal accounts with your friends and family, you’re doing it for money! There are plenty of opportunities available in almost every industry to be a Social Media Manager. Just search “Social Media Manager” on any job search website, and see what kind of results you find!

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4. Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a powerhouse of marketing potential, and learning how to advertise on Facebook isn’t that hard at all. Setting up an ad is easy, but the results will vary by business type… and the only way to figure out what works is to experiment. Thankfully Facebook offers a free course – found at – that will tell you all you need to know.

5. Freelance Editor/Proofreader

The Freelance Editor/Proofreader is responsible for ensuring that the translated text is consistent with the source document; and further to ensure completion of work in a timely manner.

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