“Baby showers, bump photos don’t kill babies!” – Kenyan radio presenter replies people trolling her after losing her unborn baby at 34 weeks

A Kenyan radio presenter and comedian Wangari Nguri popularly known as Auntie Jemimah has lambasted those trolling her for losing her unborn baby weeks after she did a maternity photoshoots and baby showers.


Auntie Jemimah said she was trolled by both men and women, some telling her that showing off a baby bump is a taboo.


Speaking on her YouTube channel, she said those who send such messages are misinformed, ignorant and shallow because it is every woman’s dream to carry a pregnancy to term.


“No woman holds a baby shower wishing death upon herself or her child. Every pregnant woman’s dream is to carry the baby to term and go home with a healthy baby.”

“Showing off your baby bump is not wishing death upon your child or yourself. I was told that it was because I showed off my baby bump and went for a beautiful baby bump shoot that I lost a child.”


“Because of the ignorance you have and because of the thirst for likes and comments, you have decided that we wish that upon ourselves. That is tiresome!”

“Conceiving is a miracle. We have women who are struggling to conceive. My heart goes out to you. Carrying a baby to term is also a miracle and to all the women who have lost babies in the process, I am so sorry. The other biggest miracle is going home with a healthy mother and baby”

“Nobody is immune to death. Death is inevitable. The moment you accept life; you also need to accept death. For some of our children, it has had to come very soon before we even held them.”

“My girl was a go-getter. She did 34 weeks. She wanted to make it but she did not.”

“There are things you do not tell a woman who has lost her baby..ati huyo hakuwa wako…if you have nothing good to say just keep quiet. Let them heal. I still cry and breakdown.” she said.



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