“A desperate woman can even swim the red Sea” -Reaction as actress Judy Austin features Pete and Yul Edochie in upcoming movie

Judy Austin, the second wife of Yul Edochie’s, which has been included in her husband yul edochie and her father in-law pete edochie upcoming movie, which has generated controversy.


The actress shared the information on her Instagram page, where she also ecstatically debuted her first film of the year.

Yul Edochie and his father, Pete, were actors of the movie, which quickly elicited conflicting responses from online users.

sharing the post, she wrote;

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“Our first production of the year!!! THE GOD FATHER!!! This movie is going to drop like an explosion!!! Packed with the best actors in the game!!!”


This has generated a lot of reactions from social media , see them below;


“A desperate woman can even swim the red Sea …and Karma might take time but must surely Come….. Adding Pete Edochie will not still make you a wonderful wife….. Okirika can never be regarded as Turkey wear…. Enjoy while it last,”

Another added, “If you met Yul Edochie when his first wife met him…… would you still agree to have married him?

I know the answer already….. Is NO because you don’t like to suffer. The woman that have suffered with him…. You wished to take her place right?

Check and ask yourself if it was you…. How will you feel? We are all humans.”




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