“Yul won’t like this” – Reactions as May Edochie makes money rain on fans at Enugu

Yul Edochie’s estranged wife May has stirred up controversy online after a video of her spraying her followers with cash during an event in Enugu surfaced.


The mother of three was asked to a festive Christmas celebration in Enugu, where she showed off her strength and charm as an ambassador for multiple businesses.

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Adaeze Eluke, who is also an entrepreneur, made a big impression during the event by presenting her products and delighting her social media followers with behind-the-scenes photos.


In the video posted on Facebook, May Edochie took center stage holding a bundle of 500 naira notes, captivating the attention of the audience who were excitedly awaiting her financial showdown.


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She showered the naira notes on the throng with skill and joy, causing a frenzy as everyone tried to get their part.


Watch the video below;


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