Young lady shares how she squandered her first N1 million on ‘enjoyment’ (Video)

A young Nigerian lady has gone online to give reveal how she spent the sum of N1 million which she had in her account.


The pretty girl shared a video which showed screenshots of her account balance and things she used the money to do.

She spent the entire money on licing luxuriously and ended up having a balance less than N100.


The screenshot showed that she originally had N1,027,549, but after visiting an expensive restaurant and ordering foods together with drinks, she was left with N923, 573.


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She then went on a boat cruise with friends and they popped expeneive bottled of wine while partying.

The lady withdrew more of the money, went shopping, visited an arcade centre to play games and again went to an expensive restaurant.


Towards the ending part of the clip she flew to Ghana to have a nice time and that was where she spent was left of her money.

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She then displayed a screenshot of account balance which had come down to N99, and she shook her head in sadness.


Watch the video below;




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