“Why I no longer eat food cooked by my wife” – Actor, Mr Ibu reveals

Following their nasty social media drama, veteran Nollywood actor Mr. Ibu revealed that he has stopped eating food prepared by his wife Stella Maris.

Recall that Stella had criticized the actor last weekend, claiming that he had abandoned her and their children while having an affair with his adopted daughter, Jasmine.

Stella refuted all of her accusations of domestic abuse and infidelity against her husband after the couple eventually reconciled.

However, Mr. Ibu said that Stella has been incredibly affectionate after the last weekend’s incident in a recent interview with Punch’s Faith Ajayi. Despite this, he still has his doubts about her and refuses to eat the meals she prepares.

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“Since the recent incident, she has been so loving. But, I know it is all a pretence just to get my attention. I still show her love, providing money for domestic needs and making sure the family is fine. But, I am very skeptical. I cannot eat her food anymore. For now, I only eat from Jasmine’s kitchen. She cooks a lot, and I like eating.” He said.

Speaking on the current state of his marriage to Stella, he said,


“This is my final marriage. If this one falls apart, I won’t marry again. This is my fifth and the worst marriage, because my wife adopted what is not obtainable. This feels like punishment; not marriage. I doubt if I am still in the marriage, because it seems she has already prepared her mind to leave, and I’m not going to stop her. I support her leaving. Each time I see her, I begin to breathe erratically, and it is not good for me, because I am not ready to die. There are opportunities God exposed me to that are of interest to me.”



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