“Even with your American passport you couldn’t keep a man” – Nancy Iheme claps back at Sandra Iheuwa

Nancy Iheme, a popular Nollywood actress, slams Sanda Iheuwa for claiming that she slept with her ex husband, Steve Maduka.

Remember how Nancy Iheme commented on a post and stated that she makes love with her partner four times every day? Sandra Iheuwa called Nancy Iheme out for sleeping with her husband.

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Nancy criticized Sandra for being unable to keep a man despite having a green passport after the accusation.
She continued by saying that she had known Steve for years prior before Sandra ever meeting him.


She wrote:

“Even with your America passport you couldn’t keep a Man .,. Face your frustr@tion and stop looking for whom to bil@me ….. Steve has been a friend since 2012 even before he dreamt of knowing you cooee fix your life because, you’re so me*sed up…. You need a therapist..”





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