The girls who are winning now, married guys with no swag. Is it swag you’re going to eat? — Bolanle Olukanni (video)

Media personality, Bolanle Olukanni, has said many women fall for men without character while ignoring the men who are nice guys.


During a chat, Toke Makinwa told Bolanle of a male friend of hers who she confides in when other guys hurt her. However she’s not attracted to the friend.

She said once, when she opened up to the man about what other guys did to her, the man told her, “you women like guys that lie to you.”


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Bolanle agreed and told Toke that she noticed many women overlook nice guys but the girls who are winning are the ones who married boring men without swag.


“Is it swag you’re going to eat when you’re in your 50s and someone is not around to show up for you?”

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She added that a man without money can eventually build wealth but it’s hard for a man without character to build it.


See the video below.


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