Nigerian fisherman reveals shocking contents of a bottle he found inside a river (video)

The shocking contents of a bottle that a Nigerian fisherman retrieved from a river while out fishing have been revealed.


The fisherman said in a video that was posted online that he had previously observed other bottles in the river but had chosen to collect this one to see what was inside.


He revealed the strange items in after breaking the bottle on a stone along the riverbank.


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The young couple’s photos and a handwritten note promising never to part ways were discovered by the fisherman.

The perpetrator also wrote Newton Omorogbe and Glory Abhuluimen’s full names on the backs of the photos. The bottle contained further unidentified things, too.


The fisherman was shocked by his discovery and lamented the cruelty of men, asking why someone would go to such lengths to accomplish such a terrible purpose.

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Watch the video;



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