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Nigerian billionaire disowns his seven children, bars them from accessing his properties

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A wealthy Nigerian man, Chief Rufus Abadi Osiri, has reportedly disowned his seven children while barring all of them from accessing or using any of his properties.

His declaration was contained in an open letter shared by Joe Igbokwe on Facebook on Thursday, 7th of April.

The billionaire said the decision to cut off his children from his assets and wealth was due to their recalcitrant behaviours.

Chief Osiri listed his children’s names as follows; Abadi Ebi, Abadi Seidougha, Abadi Otuan, Abadi Ndukari Joshua, Abadi Ndutimi, Abadi Abule and Abadi Samuel.

According to the rich man, he trained the 7 of them from infancy to adulthood and ensured they graduated from the university.


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Osiri who revealed that he has instructed his lawyer to make a will that will exclude them from inheriting his properties also noted that he also provided each one a decent accommodation and car.

The open letter reads;

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”I, Chief Rufus Abadi Osiri attention has been drawn to the subterranean, subversive, predatory and unwholesome activities of my children whose names are listed above to dispose my property in Yenagoa, Port Harcourt Lagos, Abuja etc, all in Nigeria.

That I have trained them from Primary to University level and went further to create the enabling environment for them to have a flying start in life by providing each of them decent accommodation and car.

They are within the age range of 27/40 years old, who are adults, capable of fending for themselves having created the enabling environment which is a stepping stone for them to start life on a sound footing. That the step they have taken is reprehensible.

In order to ward off further incursion from my marauding children and secure the property, I have instructed my lawyer to write Will excluding them from inheriting any of my properties.

Therefore, I hereby bar them from accessing, using, or getting anywhere close to any of my properties.
This publication hereby bear witness to my declaration

Any attempt to do otherwise will be regarded as criminal trespass and will attract severe consequences.
Be warned.


Chief Rufus Abadi Osiri.”


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