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Marry a man that bills you, he’s letting down his pride to ask you for money – Man tells ladies

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A man identified as @Dipolygabana on Twitter, has shared a vital tip with single ladies on how to know a rare type of men to settle down with.

He urged women to get married to any man that bills them because it was a difficult move to make, yet he did it.

According to him, a man that bills a woman had to let down his pride to be able to ask her for money and that is not something most men would do.

He wrote; ”If a guy bills you, marry him, he’s letting down his pride to ask for money, it’s not easy.”

See his post:

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Reacting, @me_lanin_pie said; You have not met some guys that will be asking you for sub money every week


@Veekey_Mani; Sissss, There’s one that bills me unprovoked. And we ain’t even dating not to talk of being tight friends But if my man does, I’ll always come through cause that my baby.

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@FombangAbigail7; boy way deposit go withdraw, so before billing he should be sure to have deposited.

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@Juddywizard; Men don’t move that way unless they love you

@nocapverdict; If he puts you happiness before everything he ever had! Thats him girl marry him.

@Modadeolami; And those ones who will emotionally blackmail you into making every problem in their life yours nko. And mumu you will be like he’s such an amazing guy Smh.

‘You’ve indirectly sorted out all his bills without him having to ask. The day you have sense his real colour comes out.


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