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Man rewards wife for marrying him when he didn’t have N10k to his name

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A Twitter user has revealed how he rewarded his wife for marrying him when he didn’t have a dime to his name.

The man, identified with the Twitter user name, @iamthatgeorge, revealed that his wife, years ago said yes to his proposal despite knowing he had nothing much in the way of money but she still believed in him.

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Years later, rewarding her trust and loyalty, the man has decided to send his wife to Kenya on a vacation without her kids; just her alone so she can rest as much as she’d like to.

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He wrote:


“When I proposed to my wife 3 years ago I had less than 10k to my name. She believed in me and said yes.

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Today I sent her on vacation to Kenya without our son and me, Make she go relax and have good sleep. Next one we going together, amen! I love you so much @Titiloperealtor”.



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