Man prays over new waist bead his girlfriend bought, cleanses it with anointing oil [Watch video]

A Nigerian man has been captured on tape praying over his girlfriend’s waist bead to ward off diabolic forces.


The lady recently bought the waist bead but before she had a chance to start using it, her man collected it for cleansing.

He prayed over it in his girlfriend’s presence, but she found his behaviour amusing and chose to laugh about the act.

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The man poured some anointing oil on the bead and hung it on the door while telling his girlfriend that it will remain there for 24 hours until the Holy Spirit directs him on the right time to give it to her.

According to the boyfriend, the anointing oil he used during the prayer was given to him by his mother.


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When she insisted on collecting the bead by force, he protested and said ”the power in me is greater than the power in you”


Watch video;




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