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Lady shares heartbreaking experience after her boyfriend visited her father

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A lady has cried out on social media for advice, after finding out that her boyfriend is same scammer who defrauded her father, 13 years ago.

Sharing her heartbreaking ordeal via social media, the lady revealed she’s at a crossroad, because she’s madly in love with him.

In her words,

“I have been dating my boyfriend for five years. He loves me so much and even sends money home for my father almost every month.

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My father has been troubling me to meet this boyfriend of mine that cares so much for my family. I’ve been promising to come home with him, until finally my boyfriend last week accepted to come and meet my family.


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We got inside our family house and the moment my father saw my boyfriend, he screamed and shouted over his dead body will I marry him. My boyfriend too started acting strange and I became so confused. Suddenly, my father ran out of the room while my boyfriend began shedding tears. I asked him what’s happening, he stood up and left our house.

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He said I should stay in my family house that he’d send for me when he needs me. I met my father and he told me how it was my boyfriend that scammed him of his life savings N8million about 13 years ago.

After the story, I discovered that my boyfriend is still into scam and I love him so much. I don’t really know what to do right now. He loves me so much too.”


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