“I only used Whitemoney’s name to campaign for votes” – Mercy Eke reveals, netizens drag her

Reality TV actress Mercy Eke revealed that she solely used Whitemoney’s name to canvass support outside the house.


Recall that Mercy Eke and Whitemoney staged romantic scenes while they were living in the Big Brother Naija house that gave the idea that they were on a ship.

The winner of the “pepper dem” season made headlines online after she asked about her relationship with Whitemoney, a male housemate.


After being questioned about her relationship with Whitemoney, Mercy has reversed course. Mercy Eke denied having love for Whitemoney during an interview with media personality Toke Makinwa. She claimed she just used his name to solicit votes for herself in the house.



It appears that many people on social media were offended by Mercy Eke’s comments and accused her of hurting Whitemoney’s feelings.


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Watch the videos below and see netizens reactions;

@daddysgirllover commented, “We are all laughing bcos it’s our fave saying it, let the table turn now it will be a different story…. I feel like we should have emotional intelligence as humans in other to not be deliberately hurting other people”.

@Booksfever: I like you Mercy, but playing with someone’s feelings isn’t it at all.”.

@Nkegold: “This isn’t nice tho but since it’s your fave that said it, let the double standard begin 🙌”.

@Tessygift; “Your dumb strategy still did win you the money. Only olosho can comfortably kiss different men. Pere will still use you as a punching bag. Have you asked what happened to his wives, and why he is still single with all his looks? Olodo rest”.

@Ego_della: “Sorry but if she could say this about whitemoney then she is obviously using pere too to still be relevant.. this is insensitive and wrong.”.

@Dromoxx_: “Mercy cmon, even if you didn’t like him, Whitemoney actually had your back. Saying this will really hurt him.”.

@Etimajohnathan: “They all went in with different strategies yet were crying over Baye claiming everything the little girl did was a strategy. In other words, they wanted to be the only ones with strategy. I blame Whitemoney Sha for allowing her ride on his person. He should have declined all those her false advances from the beginning.”


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