“I am not under pressure to have children at 36” – Actress, Chidiebere Aneke

Chidiebere Aneke, a Nollywood twin actress, has stated that she is not under any kind of pressure to have a baby at the age of 36.

In a recent interview, actress Chidiebere Aneke talked about her work, her relationships, and her plans to start a family. She said the people she hangs out with don’t encourage her to get married or have babies.

She said;

“I have never been under pressure to have a child. I have also never heard that some women get pressurised to have children, unmarried. It depends on the people one associate with anyway,”

Actress Chidiebere Aneke talked about her personal love and the man she is currently dating. She characterized him as an honest man with a decent conscience. Yet she noted that one of the challenges facing actors and actresses is finding true love.


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Chidiebere Aneke said:

“The qualities I desire in my partner are honesty and a good conscience. If a person has a good conscience, they won’t hurt their partners. It is not accurate to say that it is usually difficult for actresses to find true love, because some men desire to be with them due to their fame and wealth. Anybody saying that is not being truthful. Love is a beautiful thing, and when a lady’s path crosses that of the right man for her, everything will fall into place. However, I have never lost a relationship because of the kind of job I do.


When asked if, like several of her colleagues, she had encountered sexual harassment in the Nollywood film industry, she said, “I haven’t.”


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“My experience over the years has been great and wonderful. It has not been easy and I am still learning. But, I thank God for everything.


There are some people that come online to say that producers asked them for sex before they could be given roles in their movies. However, no one has personally come to report such an incident to me.


What I will advise as the way forward is that people who say producers ask them for sex should stop going to the producers’ rooms, when they don’t have anything to do there. Whenever there are calls for auditions, these actresses should not go in through the back door.”



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