“Get a job, your man is not an ATM” – Rapper Eva Alordiah Sl@ams entitled ladies

Nigerian artist Eva Alordiah has spoken out against women who rely entirely on their men.

The 34-year-old rapper from the Delta encouraged women to get a job so they can support themselves independently rather than being reliant on a guy in a social media post.

She explained to ladies who believed a man should take care of their needs that men are not ATMs and are not required to support women who are not their wife.

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She continued by advising women to date men because they want to spend time with them and not so they can get their hands on his money.

She wrote;


“Girl, the Man is God moving. Not a damn ATM. Date him because you enjoy exploring life with him, not because you want some change for weaves and some fxxing Netflix. The fxxk is wrong with you? Get a job or go plant a fxxing garden.

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“Men are providers, men are providers..” If he has not married you, how about; let him intentionally, of his own volition, step in to fulfill that duty to you? Money is such a PHYSICAL thing to be weighing the value of people on. We have to go deeper than that.”



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