“Fancy is lying, they had s$x; we don’t have gay in our family” – Alexx Ekubo’s sister fumes (Audio)

Ifeoma, the sibling of popular Nollywood actor Alexx Ekubo, loses her cool when it is said that her brother didn’t have sex with Fancy Acholonu for five years.


This follows allegations that Alexx Ekubo did not make love to Fancy during their five years of dating.

Ifeoma claims that both of her ex-lovers told her they had sexual contact in January after they had reunited, which is why she was upset by rumors that he was gay.

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She continued to mock Alexx’s ex-fiancee for spreading false information to the public that fuelled rumors that he was gay.


Alexx Ekubo’s sister argued that her brother didn’t become homosexual quickly and that it couldn’t have been because he dated Fancy when questioned if being gay directly affected her or their family.

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Listen to the audio below;




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