Destiny Etiko and Moyo Lawal Finally Open up on Sl33ping With Abuja Politician David Sabo [Photos]

Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal has reacted to the rumours making the rounds online that she and her colleague Destiny Etiko and Ghanaian counterpart Jackie Appiah are sleeping with married Taraba politician David Sabo.

The allegation was made by controversial Instagram blogger Gistlovers, who claimed that David Sabo lavishes generously on these female celebrities despite being married.

However, in a post shared on Instagram, Moyo Lawal refutes the claims of dating the politician, stating that she is in the top ten if rated among people living a decent lifestyle and does not act as a regular Nigerian girl.

Moyo Lawal said she has made so many sacrifices in life and would not allow anyone to link her to a report she termed as rubbish or let it go in silence.

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The curvy actress said she is single and can do what she wants, but people should stick to the truth.


Moyo Lawal bragged about being well behaved and recalled years when she abstained from sexual relationships completely.

According to Moyo Lawal, with her level of self-control, she would not dare involve herself in certain things that most regular girls and married women involve themselves.


She captioned the post: Made way too many sacrifices to let this rubbish go in silence and said no to too many hawt toasters ask about me ….. ….. …. ….. just so we are clear …. ……. …… ….


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I am single, hence at liberty to do anything I want but please let us STICK to the truth ……., ……. …. ……, … …… I can beat my chest anywhere that I have been better behaved (and it has not been easy, I have had years where I abstained completely you think with that kind of self control , I still won’t have sense??? ) ……….. ……. than most regular girls and even some married women….. …… ……


Love and Light #ML …. ….. p.s swipe …. Soon I will tell you people why this started in the first place but first, I want to go and make my Eba first.




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