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Dad whose little daughter died of cancer tattoos her last note on his body

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A doting dad has melted the hearts of many online with the way he chose to immortalise his little girl who passed away.

His daughter died of cancer at a young age and he decided to remember her by tattooing his body with the last note she gave to him.

In a post he shared on social media, the man wrote; ”My daughter died of cancer, before she died she made this drawing for me, now I wear it on my skin.”
A photo circulating on social media shows the man holding the note with a sweet message “I love you dad” which is making netizens emotional.

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Read some comments below..

@Whats4_T_MattyD; Brung a tear to the eye that has. As parents, we take the little things for granted way too much. Even just waking my kids of a morning I’ll try to enjoy every morning I can

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@GrazaWhu; Can’t even imagine having to go through that. Hopefully that helps him through.

@DragonLord1975; I’ve seen stuff like this on #InkMaster years ago. Tugs at the heartstrings. Not only is the ink forever, the BOND between father and child is forever. THAT’S the message.

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@RedBloodYNWA; Heartbreaking. I literally had to go in to the girls room wake them up and give them a hug after seeing that. I don’t know how people find the strength to continue on after that.

@steveleavis; Absolutely heartbreaking and inspiring in the same moment. More strength than I could show. God bless your daughter. I’m off to thank the Lord I’ve still got mine. Kudos to you.


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