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Woman gets pregnant for son-in-law months after moving in to take care of daughter who just gave birth

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Twitter user identified as @Stansbaby narrates how a woman got pregnant for her daughter’s husband after she visited her child’s home.

According to the report, the woman came to take care of her daughter who recently put to bed 4 months ago, but things took an unfavourable turn as her daughter’s husband got her pregnant.

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Things became more shocking after the woman moved into her daughter’s husband’s house when her child angrily left.

The story reads:

“Mother in law (42)came for omugwo 4 months ago and is currently pregnant for her daughter’s husband

Daughter moved out of the house and her mum moved in completely things Dey happen oo.

Here’s the gist

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Mother and son in law ( 37 ) are friends and colleagues,( probably dating low key )daughter met the guy and liked him, they got married

A huge mess , that’s why she was bold enough to move in , her daughter stole her man.”

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