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Trending video: Bleaching procedure that instantly whitens skin with black substance

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A video of a lady rubbing an unknown black substance on her legs with the aim of getting clearer skin has surfaced on social media and sparked reactions.

She is believed to have rubbed a special mix of charcoal on her leg and it instantly whitened her skin in the short clip.

The lady had smothered enough quantity on her two legs and used water to wash it off, unveiling a cleaner, lighter complexion.

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Massive reactions greeted the clip, while many criticised it as harmful, some noted that it is a normal charcoal procedure which they are familiar with.


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Watch video;


Reacting, kceetouch wrote; Organic skin care 😂😂😂😂😂

peaceruby_; Guysss chilll 😂😂😂…. it’s just a charcoal scrub

macfilz; Girls be inviting cancer like say E no mean anything😂. Nne continue

pritty_diamond7; Is the fresh skin for me 😍😍

mufasaehicoking; How many days the yellow go last before black begin show again ?

officialsunny284; It’s called new product / skin care😂😂😂💁; It’s actually good charcoal has antibacterial properties

belle_omj; thank God for the kinda skin he gave me because what is this?

blacq_nelly; God abeg oooo, one day one discovery

kom4thzone; It’s charcoal exfoliation.I’ve done it before

lovehate_thin; Skin like milk😂


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