Speed Darlington in pain after spending N85K on first date with lady

Speed Darlington, a controversial artist, reveals his agony after going on a date with a lovely lady and spent N85K without touching anything.


This occurred a few weeks after the artist went public with his revelation that he was looking for a committed partner to marry.

Speed Darlington just tweeted a cute photo of himself and the singer from their first date, when they were grinning like lovers.


Though he didn’t touch her, Akpi, as he is affectionately known by his supporters, bemoaned the extravagant amount he spent on the date afterward.


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“This money divide into two can get me a nice girl from Total overnight and I don’t even have to feed her. Smh,” he captioned the video.


In the video he could be heard ranting about his date, “See me wey say i no go spend pass N5K on a date because first date is about getting to know the person; it’s not about ‘look at me, I’m so loaded’. N85K on a date I no even squeeze yansh or breast. Okay half na me, but still N42K on someone I no dey see hin bra, I don fcck up.”

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