Naira redesign: People will beg for Buhari’s return – Okon Lagos

Okon Lagos, a comic actor, believes that President Buhari fully understands what he is doing with the policy for the redesign and enforcement of the naira.

If Peter Obi of the Labour Party doesn’t win the 2023 presidential election, Okon predicted that Nigerians will seek President Buhari’s reelection in a post shared on his Instagram page.

He wrote;

“You see this naira redesign and enforcement policy?, something tells me it is one policy that Nigerians will say “Bring Back Our Buhari”, especially if God forbid, OBI doesn’t emerge as President!…

The real people this policy is aimed at, are already crying. The stockpile of cash for elections and vote-buying are in dollars, 1000 and 500 Naira denominations at least. No corrupt politician stocks up N200 denominations and less. Please let’s allow Buhari to fulfill his promise of FREE, FAIR and CREDIBLE ELECTIONS. Let’s stop the violence and follow his lead. Man knows what he’s doing!!!


No desperate vote-seeking Nigerian politician genuinely cares about you. Their fight to keep all old currency notes as legal tender isn’t for you!

Let it just be that N200, N100, N50, N20, N10 and N5 are made available. It will be enough to satisfy the cash needs of every common man.


What these vote buying politicians have are the exact old currency notes that are no longer legal tender (N1000 and N500).


Guys chill let the elections finish. This fight isn’t aimed at punishing the common man. It’s aimed at delivering a fair elections! Abeg make we not too vex. E go soon finish!”



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Read what he wrote below?




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