“I have a sugar daddy that spoils me silly but hasn’t requested sex” – Lady expresses fear, seeks advice

A woman has been confused over her sugar daddy, who spoils her with all her needs without expecting anything in return.


During a private conversation about relationships on Twitter, the woman expressed her confusion.


The unidentified woman claims that her sugar daddy has been taking care of all of her needs and just outfitted a duplex for her.

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But the fact that he hasn’t asked her to have sex with him worries her.



They have been together for 11 months, but they have only had sex three times, according to her, and he is constantly complaining that he is preoccupied with something.Slide clipboard items to delete them.

She wrote;


“I have a sugar daddy that spoils me, got me a full furnished duplex and all but he doesn’t have sex with me, he says he’s always busy and it’s making me scared that why is he doing all these if he doesn’t want sex? We have bn together for 11 months now and we have had sex just thrice. Am I safe?”





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