How my girlfriend broke my heart despite giving her N20k monthly for data – Man shares

A Nigerian guy who goes by the name Orji has described how the end of their relationship was caused by his girlfriend’s act of ingratitude.


The US-based techpreneur claimed that although he used to provide her N20k each month for data subscription, she undermined his commitment to her since she requested something else that he was unable to supply right away.

When he asked her to be patient for a few weeks while he looked into her request, he claimed that she questioned his importance to her.

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Orji claimed the statement was heartbreaking and unexpected, but he knew the next day he could no longer keep dating her.

Sharing the post , he wrote;

“Some yrs ago, a woman I’ve done everything for, once asked me while sitting in my car “of what value re u to me?” Simply bcos there was something she asked me to do for her & I told her to give me a couple of weeks.


This was someone I was giving 20k monthly for data subscription. I couldn’t believe my ears that fateful day. And of course, that marked the end of our relationship”

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