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First wife creates scene after being pushed by husband during wedding to second wife (Video)

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Hell broke at the wedding ceremony of a young man to his second wife as the first wife tried to express possession over the husband.

The wedding arrangement kicked off smoothly until it was time for pictures when the first wife sat on the husband‘s lap and was pushed off.

The development, however, triggered a series of other reactions that transformed the wedding ceremony into full-blown chaos.

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“The story is, first wife went to the husband’s event as he takes another wife. Toh uwargida wanted to show that she owned the husband now went to take picture but sat on his lap. Husband push first wife, first wife fall.


First wife now vex.

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She stood up and mistakenly hit the Amarya. Amarya’s dangi retaliated.

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She was was beaten mercilessly har aka yayyaga mata kaya.

Even though she didn’t go down with out a fight. A warrior indeed.

We are waiting for more info

😬 This happened in Minna Niger state,” the narrator wrote.

Watch the video below;




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